10 Reasons to Drink More Water Everyday

drink more water
Water is a vital nutrient without which life cannot exist. The human body itself contains more than 60% of its weight in form of water. Water is a building material for all the cells of the body, including the skin cells. Water provides for digestion and metabolism of food including proteins that repair the cells and make them healthy again, apart from making new skin cells.
Consumption of water either in natural and plain form or in the form of fluids and food items is entirely essential to possess good health and to have that glowing, beaming and beautiful look. Here are some reasons why you should drink enough water every day if you want to glow naturally and possess good health.

1.  Metabolisation of Nutrients for a Healthier Skin

Intake of an adequate amount of water and dietary fibre can prevent constipation and provide a healthy and optimally functioning gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The body can absorb and use the nutrients better when you drink an optimal amount (3 to 4 litres) of water every day.

2.  Preventing and Overcoming the Skin Sag

People may get affected by a sagging skin when they undergo the weight loss treatments or due to ageing, among other causes. Water can tighten the skin naturally and add glow to it.

3.  Maintaining the Right pH Balance

While some substances are acidic, others are basic and these are measured for their acidity or alkalinity on a pH scale that ranges from O to 14. Water is naturally neutral and has a pH of 7.  It hence can optimise and balance the pH configuration of the inner body fluids and balance the skin tone so that you get a naturally looking healthy skin. You should wash your face with clean and natural water after you use face wash as well, so that the optimum pH skin balance is restored.

4.  Flushing Out of the Toxins

Because of the metabolic processes, pollutants and the food we intake our body is always exposed to exposed to certain toxins that harm the health of it and also of the skin so that it ages faster. Water is a natural toxin removal and can help you flush out all the toxins from the body when you drink it regularly in optimal amounts. The glow of the skin will restore and it will also age at a slower rate if you drink ample of water regularly.

5.  Preventing Skin Conditions

Skin conditions including acne, pimples, and wrinkles may occur because of the toxins and other substances that clog the pores of the upper portion of the skin (i.e. epidermis). Regular water consumption will help you protect your skin from the adverse medical conditions as a hydrated skin can resist the toxins and does not suffer from pimple and acne. As water can provide the skin tightening effect, it can also reduce the wrinkles.

6.  Natural Moisturization

Dehydration or drinking of lesser amounts of water can result in glow less and dehydrated skin. You can drink more water every day and also take a bath regularly in order to provide optimum moisturization to the skin from the inside and in a very natural way.

7.  Fighting and Overcoming Sunburn

While the Aloe-cream can be used for curing the sunburns, you should also drink plenty of clean and natural water everyday so that the healing process expedites and your sunburn marks are the removed totally.

8.  Reducing Hair Loss

The hair is composed of one-fourth of water itself and the fluid is very important for its strength and lustre. If you are not drinking ample of water regularly you may suffer from conditions including hair breakage, hair thinning, and hair loss.

9.  Toning of the Skin

Water is a natural toner of the skin and restores its elasticity so that there are no skin conditions that adversely impact your good looks.

10.  Weight Control

Water can be used for controlling or lowering weight as well when your BMI or body mass index is on the higher side. You can eat fewer calories and instead drink more amounts of water so that the body is not overwhelmed with excess energy that ultimately gets stored in it in the form of fat. Natural water has absolutely no calories.
Apart from these benefits drinking 3 to 4 litres of water regularly (optimal water intake for a normal adult) provides for well-energized muscles and other subtle and profound benefits in both short and long-term. It can delay ageing and is a part of many of the body fluids, including blood. Hence it is essential that you always keep yourself hydrated and drink optimal amounts of water every day.