10 Signs that Could Tell You Whether He Likes You Secretly

Often you may find one of your friends, colleagues, classmate or anyone attractive. If you have a crush, it is obvious that you would like to know whether the feelings are mutual or not. Men are often more reluctant in displaying their feelings. Here are some signs that will help you know if he is seriously interested in you and whether he secretly likes you.

1. Read the Eye Contact

If a guy is actually interested in you he will look at you very often. While the bold and conceited ones do not take their eyes away even when you catch them watching you, a shy person will certainly take his eyes and head away from you when you catch the guy watching and checking you out.
To know whether he secretly likes you scan his face for around 4 to 5 seconds and then look some other way. Look back at the guy again after 5 seconds. If he is interested in you he will maintain the eye contact. If his eyes do not lock your eyes, but on your whole face or your mouth it is certain that he is interested. If the guy breaks the eye contact and looks around elsewhere then he may not be interested.

2. Listen

If a guy likes you he will never lose a chance to get close to you and will certainly talk about himself. A guy may also want to prove himself. To know whether a guy likes you or not, lean in (so that you get close enough) in a way that your shoulder and his barely touch each other. Say anything you like in a very soft voice If he moves his head toward you maintaining the eye contact it might be a sign that he likes you. If he is not interested, he will be unresponsive and will step back.

3. A Different Treatment

A guy who is interested in you will always behave in a protectionist manner or in a very “gentleman” way especially when he interacts with you. If you work together, he will shift his chair close to you, may place his own jacket at the back of your chair or around you so that you do not complain of the cold. He may also put his arm at the back of the chair on which you are sitting, and may frequently shift his own chair close to yours all these signs could mean that he likes you.
The guy may also give you a lot of attention, even if it means risking something very important to him, like his job. He will follow you to places and will leave no chance to talk to you. He will also see you in a very different manner which will not coincide with the way he sees the rest of the world and will smile at you more often.

4. The Behavior of His Friends

You can know whether a guy is interested in you or not by paying attention towards how his friends behave. They might tantalize or tease him when they see that you are close and nearby. The friends may also give some hints directly to you to reveal to you that he is interested in you and likes you. A friend may also try to know whether you are interested in him or not.
However, a friend of his may have a reason for his/her own for ruining a relationship. Hence you should also consider the other indications to find out whether a guy is interested in you or not.

5. Playfully Entering to Your Personal Space

A guy may get more playful with you if he is interested in you. He may want to touch you more often in gentle ways. He may create a friendly zone playfully and do things like, lightly punching you on the arm, touching your hair, poking your nose lightly and if he feels too comfortable may even gently hold your hand. You may certainly assert yourself and tell him not to repeat the behaviour again if you find it hurting or annoying.

6. Prompt Noticing

If a guy is interested in you he will notice your attire, perfumes, and makeup etc. very promptly. He will definitely remark when he finds your hairstyle changed or use some perfume other than what you usually use. He may also compliment you more than often on your looks and dresses. While compliments are not necessarily a reflection of interest, they are still very prominent clues and their frequency may be revealing.

7. Sudden Appearances could be a sign that he likes you

The guy maybe secretly pursuing you and would like to see you more often during the day as well as the night. He may hence show up at places where you go frequently. While you may find the appearances sudden and unexpected, the guy maybe intentionally trying to get noticed by you. He may wait at the same bus stop, join the same gymnasium or park, frequent the same restaurants and hotels and do similar visits to other places where you spend your day. The guy is actually interested in you and is doing concerted efforts so that he can catch up any time with you as soon as possible, and may want to start a new relationship.

8. Online Social Media Interaction and Chats

If a guy contacts you frequently on social media platforms on the Internet including Facebook and Twitter among others, it may well be a strong sign that he likes you.
A guy may also contact you if he is bored, talkative or over-friendly. Hence social media and social networking interactions do not definitely mean that the guy is attracted towards you. Still, when combined with other clues, it may be an extra and added indicator to know the status of the relationship.

9. Support and Compliments You More Than Others

This is also one of the important signs to look for to know whether he secretly likes you. For a guy, his crush approaching him for support is a big thing! So the amount of dedication he puts to support you even for small things tells a lot about how much he is interested in you. He will always inspire you to do things you are passionate about. He will try to push you out of your comfort zone to make you grow! The same goes for compliments, as mentioned before. But you should be able to read between the lines. A guy saying ‘That’s a nice dress’ may not be a sign that he likes you! But if he says ‘You look amazing in this dress. The colors suit you much’ that could be a sign. Also if he remembers your outfits and recollects them and talks about it and how he liked you in it, that could be a strong indicator that he really likes you.

10. Goes Way out of the Way to Help You

As mentioned in the last tip, if a guy has a crush on you he will support you more than others, he will also be willing to go way beyond his capacity to help you. To know if a guy secretly likes you, one of the best things to do is to ask him for a small help. If the guy prioritizes it more than other tasks and his commitments and tries to do it in a perfect manner to so that it will please you, it might be a sign he likes you secretly.
If the guy has a good nature and has genuine interest and attraction towards you, and if you find the relationship worthwhile and suitable, and wish to respond back, you should receive his compliments and gestures friendly and should respond in a polite and friendly way.