8 Reasons Why You Should Get Proper Sleep Everyday

Why Proper Sleep is Necessary

Sleep is characterized medically by low sensory activities, lesser interaction with the surroundings, curtailment of the voluntary muscle activity and an altered consciousness. When we sleep the different body organ systems go into anabolic or building state. During sleep, the optimal functioning and strength of muscular, skeletal, nervous and immune systems are restored. These functions are vital for the body and hence the human body promotes natural sleep during the night, through its circadian rhythm. Adequate sleep is beneficial for health, weight control or proper BMI (Body Mass Index), mood and sexuality, and has many other benefits as well. Inadequate sleep can be a cause of medical and health-related conditions, and other fallbacks and abnormalities. Here are some reasons why you should get enough sleep every day.

1.  Good health

Multiple studies have shown that sleep disorders such as Insomnia and insufficient sleep can be a cause of a number of health conditions including those related to the heart. Lesser sleep can also cause obesity, diabetes and heart attack. A recent study found that in a time interval of 4 days, 3 out of 10 individuals who underwent disturbed and lesser sleep pattern suffered from higher glucose levels within their blood, and fell in the pre-diabetic category.

2.  Better sexual life

Tiredness may take away your sexual potency and can be a cause of impotence and erectile dysfunction, among other sexual diseases. Men were found to have lower levels of male sex hormone Testosterone when they had an inadequate and impaired sleep. If you want to have a happy and satisfied married and sexual life, do not tire yourself excessively and get adequate sleep each day.

3.  Lesser pain and inflammation

Doctors advise people to rest adequately when they suffer from an injury. This is so because sleep helps the inner body systems to regain their strength, and proper sleep also contributes towards lowering of inflammation and pain. Good sleep patterns supplement the medications that are used to overcome pain. You can combine your pain relievers with some kind of sleeping aids (talk to your physician to know more about them) and sleep comfortably even after you have an injury.

4.  Avoid accidents and injuries

Sleep deprivation and impaired sleep do not allow your brain to function optimally. It has been found that people who were tired excessively and still resumed on their duties and responsibilities, suffered from more number of accidents and injuries. A space shuttle by the name Challenger got destructed because those onboard did not sleep adequately! Drowsy driving is responsible for one out of every five automobile accidents that happen in the United States, and this results in around 1 million automobile crash every year. As improper and inadequate sleep affects your attention and focus adversely, and you may suffer from both minor and major accidents like a cut while chopping the vegetables, tripping the ladder, or facing an accident on road.

5.  Good mood

Inadequate sleep affects the emotional state of a person as well. He or she may get irritated easily, may have a bad temper or may suffer from other kinds of emotional outbursts as well. Inadequate sleep can hence affect your professional as well as personal life adversely. You are likely to perform better when you are in a good mood. Adequate sleep and rest promote productivity and innovation as well.

6.  Weight regulation

Adequate sleep provides for optimal BMI and also promotes control of weight. The hormone Leptin is responsible for the feeling of satiation, or feeling of fullness after a meal. It has been found that inadequate sleep drops the level of the hormone within the body, and those who do not sleep adequately eat more often and feel hungry again and again even after eating meals. Also, inadequate sleep increases the cravings for the high calorie and high-fat food.
You are also likely to forbid and be irregular on the morning jogs and the strength training sessions when you are overtired. Hence if you want to keep your exercise routine stable, have adequate sleep during the day.

7.  Good memory

The brain can gather, process, consolidate and learn from the daily activities better when we sleep adequately. If you are not getting adequate sleep, it means that your memory is going down. Also, lesser sleep can be the cause of false memories.

8.  Good immunity

As said earlier, sleep improves the immunity of the body and helps it fight foreign microorganisms and diseases better. People who do not get adequate sleep are likely to be 3 times more affected by diseases in comparison to those who sleep adequately.
Adequate sleep also promotes clearer thinking and is a natural process that is as important as the other processes of the body. A normal adult needs around 7 hours of sleep every day.  Ensure that you get adequate sleep every day in order to stay healthy, productive, and happy.