Foods That Makes Your Skin Bright and Glow

Glowing Skin

A glowing and firm skin is a sign of good health. It is important that you eat the right foods exercise regularly and also inculcate within your lifestyle certain de-stressing habits so that your skin remains healthy. A glowing skin also contributes positively towards good looks and improve your self-confidence.
Diet has a paramount importance towards improving your health. In conjugation with exercise, it can bring to you many health benefits and disease free body. If you are wondering which foods you can include in your diet, and possess a glowing and radiant skin, below is a list to help you out.

1. Vitamin A Rich Foods

Also known as carotene, vitamin A has several benefits for the human skin. It optimizes the process of keratinization (synthesis of a protein by name Keratin) and provides skin a more balanced composition. The vitamin also does not allow excessive production of sebum and does not allow acne to occur. It also treats and prevents photodamage and provides for a glowing and healthy skin.
Food items having an abundant quantity of the vitamin include:
Eggs, Spinach, Broccoli, Beef liver, Carrot
and others. Include one or more of these items in your meal plate in order to have a glowing skin.

2. Vitamin D Rich Foods

Vitamin D provides for the growth of healthy skin cells and also promote cellular differentiation so that the skin has a balanced composition and all its essential components are there to make it healthy. Vitamin D also improves the immune strength of the skin, and as a result the external harmful agents (including UV rays and pathogens) cannot damage it.
Apart from an optimum exposure to sunlight (do not overdo it as the skin may turn dark, and there are risks related to UV rays as well), the food sources of Vitamin D include :
Sardine, Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, Cod Liver Oil, Eggs and Mushroom among others.
Eat these more often to have a healthy and glowing skin.

3. Oranges

Oranges are rich in vitamin C. The vitamin can provide photoprotection to the skin while also regulating collagen synthesis. It is also important towards the formation of certain barrier lipids, which do not allow external and harmful agents to cast an evil effect on your skin. That is why Vitamin C is a part of many beauty products and face packs. Fruits also make for a very healthy snack and improve your digestive system as well. Eat oranges more often to have a glowing and radiant skin.

4. Pumpkins

Pumpkins contain both Vitamin A and C, minerals and certain antioxidants that apart from providing you glowing skin also improve the structure and strength of the skin. Pumpkin seeds contain Zinc, a mineral which contributes towards the creation of new and healthy skin cells and also better regulates oil (sebum) production by the sebaceous gland. Pumpkin seeds will brighten your facial complexion and will also provide you open pores that can intake fresh air better.

5. Strawberries

Strawberries are a great way to exfoliate the skin and to facilitate the growth of new and healthy skin cells that can provide a bright and radiant complexion. Strawberries are rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acid that can provide for facial cleansing. The Omega 3 fatty acids that are found in the Strawberries provide a glow to the skin and the vitamin C content heals the wrinkles and fine lines.

6. Tomatoes

The omnipresent, affordable, and easily accessible tomatoes have a number of benefits for health as they contain a number of nutrients. Tomatoes have an adequate amount of lycopene, a healthy antioxidant that provides for anti-aging benefits. Consuming more of tomatoes will contribute towards removal of the free radicals that cause damage to the skin cells and make them lose their natural color and fair complexion. Tomatoes also contain a number of Vitamins including Vitamin C, A, K, and the B series vitamins, which have multiple benefits for skin and health and provide for a firm, elastic, and glowing skin.

7.  Carrots

Carrot is a well known and highly popular source of the Vitamin A. The carotenes that are found in the carrot can provide for prevention of cellular degeneration. The substance can revive the cells and provide for a glowing complexion. Carrots also have good amounts of Vitamin C that induces the growth of collagen, the main protein that composes the skin cells. You can consume carrots more often to have a radiant skin, reduce dark spots and acne among other skin conditions, and can also keep your teeth, bones, and eyes more healthy.

8. Lemon

Lemon is one of the most potent food items that can provide a glow to your skin conveniently and at the least of costs. The citric acid content of lemon can clean the skin pores while maintaining its natural composition. It also has Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Phosphorus that initiate the growth of new skin cells and also lighten or remove the age spots. Consume lemon juice regularly to have a glowing skin in a few weeks.

9. Potato

Potatoes can also provide for a glowing skin albeit in a different way. The food item has natural bleaching properties. You can apply the face mask of potatoes after grating a few of them. Apply the mask on the face and other dark areas of the body for a time period of 30 minutes. This mask can also heal the sunburns, blemishes, dark circles, and dark spots while exfoliating the skin as well. You can also apply a few thin slices of the food on your face or can squeeze the juice of it and apply the juice directly to your face.

10. Vitamin E Rich foods

Vitamin A  is also an antioxidant that offers the skin cells protection against the harmful ultraviolet or UV rays of the Sun. The vitamin can reverse oxidative damage and can restore the lost color and strength of the skin cells. The vitamin is found in abundance in food items including:
Almonds, Wheat Germ, Avocado, Sweet Potato, Mango and Kiwi Fruit among other food items.
Remember to keep your skin cells rejuvenated by exercising regularly. Exercise opens up the pores of the skin and helps them breathe fully. It also prevents ageing and synergizes with right food and diet to improve the skin and body health.