Top 7 Foods that Helps You Fight Depression

Food for Fighthing Depression

Depression is the state of ill or low mood and is often a temporary reaction to certain life events such as losing a loved one, shifting to a new place, social rejection, neglect, physical/mental abuse, and others. Depression may also be a side effect of certain medications or some kinds of diseases. A medical condition by the name Dysthymia has also been associated with depression and is a kind of major depressive disorder.
Depression can be related to a feeling of being rejected, helplessness, hopelessness anxiety, emptiness, and sadness. Restlessness, irritability, and guilt may also be associated with it. Medical treatment is needed for the long-term chronic and severe depressive disorders. The minor mood swings and unhappy feelings, that may be a milder form of depression, can be overcome by consuming certain food items and bringing in certain lifestyle changes.
As depression may cause obesity, abuse of intoxicants (including alcohol and tobacco), obesity, social and educational problems, suicidal thoughts, fatigue, disturbed sleep pattern, digestive problem and many other acute conditions that when treated can lead to measuring to chronic and major illnesses, you need to overcome it as soon as possible.
A healthy and nutritious diet along with regular exercise can be a part of an overall treatment that concentrates on treating chronic and long-term depression, and short-term depression. Foods can also bring to you more happy feelings and joyful mood. Below are 7 foods that will help you overcome depression.

1. Oranges

The deficiency of Vitamin C is a major cause of damage to the nerves and neurons of the nervous system. Hence Vitamin C intake can provide for better neural power and help towards the treatment of both anxiety and depression. A deficiency of Vitamin C within the human body leads to decreased levels of the hormones Dopamine and Serotonin within the brain. As these hormones are responsible for a good mood, their deficit leads to depression and anxiety and also enhances the sugar cravings. Also known as Ascorbic acid, you can find adequate amounts of Vitamin C in Oranges and other citrus fruits (including oranges and lemon).

2. Almond

Almond is loaded with Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant. A recent study conducted in Belgium and performed by Clinical Research Centre (CRC) for Mental Health found that those suffering from depression have a lower concentration of Vitamin E in their blood. Vitamin E is a known antioxidant and reverses and overcomes the damage that is caused by the free radicals within the body. Liquid peroxidation within the body increases when there is a deficit of antioxidants like vitamin E and is a cause of depression. You can fight depression better when you consume a handful of almonds each day.

3. Soy

Certain food items that have a heavy concentration of proteins including Soy contain the amino acid by the name tryptophan which provides for the synthesis of serotonin within the body. Serotonin boosts your mood and makes you happy. Ensure that all your meals have protein-rich foods throughout the day when you want to be happy and repel the depressive thoughts.

4. Coconut

Coconut has certain healthy fats that can provide for a good mood. The food also improves the health of the brain, but do not consume excessive amounts of it as it may lead to weight gain.

5. The low-fat dairy products

Certain dairy products that are low in fat do not cause excessive weight gain and also have proteins, Vitamin D, and Calcium, nutrients that are beneficial towards fighting depression. The intake of these nutrients provides for relaxation and also create a general sense of well being.

6. Whole grains

Whole grains including oatmeal, brown rice, barley and sweet potatoes among others have a good amount of dietary fibre and also release the hormone serotonin that helps the body overcome depressive thoughts. Consumption of whole grains also provides for satiation and you do not overeat when you eat foods having whole grains regularly. Obesity can increase stress and cause depressive thoughts.

7. Green tea

The antioxidants found in the green tea have many benefits for health. Green tea also has the amino acids Theanine that provides the body with the power to resist and fight depression better. Theanine provides relaxation from stress. Drinking of green tea more often will bring to you “relaxed alertness” and will generate positive thoughts in your mind. Do not rely on supplements for the necessary long-term vitamin, mineral and other kinds of nutrient intake. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other kinds of food items that have a natural/organic origin are best when it comes to meeting your nutrient requirement on a regular basis. If you choose to take a supplement, do so only after consulting your physician, as excessive amounts of vitamins and other nutrients may also cause medical conditions and may be dangerous when taken without proper medical supervision.

Note: Please seek professional Medical assistance in case you are going through depression. Even if you are unsure whether you are depressed or not, it is best to seek help immediately.